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CRBarton Publishing presents Author cheryl barton


Upcoming Releases from Cheryl Barton

It Should Have Been You Cover 022621 (2)
Crashing into Love Cover 021621 (2).jpg
Seize the Moment Final Cover 021521.jpg
Being Neighborly Final Cover 021521 (2).

Click each image to learn more on the author's website for information on over 40 of Cheryl's romance and inspirational novels

A Perfect Combination Final Cover 020121
BCB 020121 (2).jpg
Love at Last Final Cover 020121A.jpg
One Wish New Cover 102717 (2).jpg
Swagger and Baggage Final Cover 020121 (
It Takes Two to Tangle Cover
Unforgettable 020121 (2).jpg
When I Think of You2 (2).jpg
Bossy cover 040218.png

Inspirational Novels

2021 Upcoming Inspirational Releases

Girl Dad 2 Final Cover 030121A.jpg
Restore Me-ebook.jpg

Click the book cover for more information

Girl Dad Final Cover 020121A.jpg
Release Me-ebook.jpg
A Purpose Filled Dash Cover 030121 (2).j
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