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CRBarton Productions introduces JoAnn Wilson

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P.S. Still Pondering...

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Every day we ponder about everything that goes on in our lives.  “P.S.” continues in the same vein as “Ponder This” because I want us to agree that just like the weather, our lives may change hourly, daily, even weekly.  As we endure, enjoy, question, and ponder on the changes that we must face, we must also ponder, keep the faith, have hope and be grateful for the fact that there is always, always something to be thankful for. 


Ponder This: Just a Bit of Inspiration

Life is a mystery, so unpredictable, with its ups and downs and joys and sorrows. There are so many questions, and many times, so few answers. This compilation of "Ponder This", is encouragements I have put together to remind myself and to help you remember that no matter what situation you may find yourself in, there is hope for tomorrow, joy after pain and sunshine after the rain.

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