Straightening Her Crown

Anthology Book Project

Now accepting submissions until March 31, 2021

It's Women's History Month and what great way is there to salute and encourage another sister. 

Submissions are now being accepted for women to be a part of this dynamic book anthology project called, "Straightening Her Crown: Encouraging Words from Sister to Sister"

What does "Straightening Her Crown" mean? I know that we all believe we have it all together, life, love and the pursuit of happiness, but the truth is, a lot of us don't and with that, the crowns we wear could use a little helping getting straight. Who better to help a sister straighten her crown than another sister. Sometimes, all it takes are words from another sister to empower, inspire and encourage to help set a sister's crown straight. Let's be what another sister needs by bringing her some inspiring words!

If you've never been a part of a compilation project before, read the anthology book project questions and answers below or download a copy of the questions and answers here.  

Straightening Her Crown Anthology Submission Questions and Answers


Q.        What is an anthology project?

A.        An anthology is a compilation of stories written by several people and compiled into one book project. In this instance, the project is called Straightening Her Crown: Encouraging Words from Sister to Sister.


Q.        What are you trying to accomplish with Straightening Her Crown?

A.        Cheryl Barton Publishing, LLC, is always looking for ways to encourage, inspire and empower other women to be their best selves, especially during challenging times. This new anthology is a continuation of the current publishing company series, One Sister Away: Encouraging Words from One Sister to Another, volumes 1 - 4. Being an inspiration will always be a part of our company's mission and it is our hope to do that with this new series.


Q:        What should my submission be about?

A:        Each submission should be a short story (fiction or non-fiction), poetry or an article that inspires, encourages and empowers another woman to keep her head up, keep the faith, never give up, stand tall, stand proud and most of all, share words that would help strengthen and straighten her queenly crown – the one all women have from birth. We could all use a boost in our spirits and what better way to do that than with the power of words!


Q.        Is there a cost for a submission?

A.        No. There is no cost for any submission, whether accepted or not accepted. It’s free for all women to submit.


Q.        What does a contributor who submits for this project receive?

            As a thank you, each accepted contributor will receive:

  • A $10.00 amazon gift card

  • A “Straightening Her Crown” exclusively designed T-shirt

  • A “Straightening Her Crown” journal for more writing

  • A discount on purchased copies to sell or gift to family/friends

  • Front cover recognition

  • Each contributor will have the chance to promote their submission along with any other projects they have on a new podcast launching in March 2021 called “Sisters About Making Moves.”


Q.        What should I submit and how long or short should it be?

A.        I am interested in your original works that would include:

  • An original short story (Minimum of 1500 words, maximum of 3000 words)

  • Poetry (minimum of 3 poems, maximum of 5 poems)

  • An article (minimum of 1500 words, maximum of 3000 words)


Q.        Does my submission have to be something new that has never been written and produced publicly before?

A.        Your submission should be your own original work, that you are the rightful owner of and you have the right to offer it for publication. It should not be something that you have previously submitted for an anthology, compilation or other previously publicly posted/published work. Once your submission is accepted, you will be required to grant Cheryl Barton Publishing, LLC, the right to publish your contribution and reprint it for sale and promotional purposes. The accepted submission will have non-exclusive rights, giving you, the contributor, the right to retain ownership of your material so that you can use it elsewhere after this anthology is published publicly if you choose.


Q.        When will you begin accepting submissions for review/acceptance?

A.        Submissions are being accepted March 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021.

Q.        Who can submit for this project?

A.         Any woman 21 years or older who can legally sign a binding contract/agreement.


Q.        When will the anthology be released?

A.        The anthology will be released in April, 2021, just in time to gift or sell copies in time for Mother’s Day, 2021.


Q.        How much will an accepted contributor have to spend on copies of the finished project?

A.        The cost for an accepted contributing writer will be $9.00 per book. Tax and shipping/handling are separate costs depending on the number of books ordered. The project will sell for $18.95 via online booksellers. You may sell the book in the range of $18.95 - $20.00. Bulk copies purchased from Cheryl Barton Publishing, LLC, in groups of 25 or more can be purchased at $8.00 per book. Contributor will still have to cover tax, shipping/handling.


Q.        What are the submission guidelines?

A.        Anyone sending a submission for consideration should make sure their submission follows the following guidelines:

  • A cover sheet with the contributor’s submission title, writer contact information including name, mailing address, email address & phone number and the date of submission

  • Doubled-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 font

  • Each page should include a header with the following information:

  • Contributors name and title of project

  • Each page should have a footer that includes page numbers


Q.        When will I know if my submission will be accepted?

A.        Approval or rejection will happen within 7 days of submission being received by Cheryl Barton Publishing, LLC.


Q.        How will I transmit my submission?

A.        All submissions should be sent via email as a Word attachment to All submissions must be received by 11:59pm ET March 31, 2021.


Q:        If my submission is accepted, what happens next?

A:        Each accepted contributing writer will receive a contract/agreement that must be signed and returned within 2 calendar days. The signed contract/agreement should be accompanied by a 300dpi headshot of the contributing writer to be used for marketing purposes and a biography not exceeding 175 words. Your submission, photo and biography will need a final sign-off once editing of your submission is complete.


Q.        What if I have additional questions?

A.        Please submit all questions to, using the subject line “Straightening Her Crown”. Someone will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours. This question-and-answer document will be updated with additional questions as they are submitted. For any other information, visit the anthology website at

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