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Contributing Writer - Shannon Scott

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Hello Family! I introduce to you, Shannon Scott, one of the contributing writers to the "Straightening Her Crown" book anthology. I'm excited about Shannon's zest to be a part of this project and for her desire to be a blessing through her words.

Shannon Scott was born on March 5, 1991, in Baltimore, Maryland. She created "Climbing and Maintaining" in 2021 to help women find power in words and embrace who they are. She is the author of "The Rainbows of My Clouds", which can be found on Amazon. She also enjoys writing poetry and urban novels.

Read her submission in the upcoming anthology being released on June 6th. Thank you Shannon for answering the call to bring more light to the world.

Contributing Writer - Nichole M. Wallace

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Hello Family!! Join me in celebrating the next contributing writer of the "Straightening Her Crown" book anthology, Nichole M. Wallace!


Nichole is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and a licensed minister of the Gospel at Morning Star Baptist Church of Catonsville under the leadership of Bishop Dwayne C. Debnam. She is on staff at the church’s Renaissance Christian Counseling Center as a Clinical Therapist. In 2021, she launched Rooted In Promise, L.L.C., which offers trauma-based training and consultation services for those seeking restoration from life’s adversities.

Wait until you read how Nichole brings blessings upon blessings in her submission for the anthology. I consider her a friend, she's a songbird and can preach with the kind of power that will have your soul shouting! I'm so blessed that she responded to the call for the need to inspire and empower!

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It's time to introduce to you another contributing writer, Michele Mekel, for the "Straightening Her Crown" book anthology.


Michele lives in Happy Valley and wears many hats of her choosing: writer and editor; educator and bioethicist; poetess and creatrix; cat herder and chief can opener; witch and woman; and, above all, human. Her work has appeared in various academic and creative publications, including having her poetry featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac. She is also a co-principal investigator for the Viral Imaginations: COVID-19 project ( Michele can be found on Instagram @ShaktiEnergy

I'm happy to have connected with Michele for the first time through this project and just as I am, she too is excited and enthusiastic about being a part of brightening another woman's day.

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Sally is a writer and photographer, rediscovering her voice after a long confinement. She has been published in numerous anthologies, including "Voicing Suicide," Ekstasis Editions, and "I Don't Cry Anymore," Liminal Press. Sally is an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets. Her personal blog, is where she posts her back-country adventures, photos and stories.

She has a wonderful short story to share that epitomizes sisterhood and I'm excited for you all to read it.

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Are you ready to meet the 4th writer for the "Straightening Her Crown" book anthology! Meet, Tamara Harvey! Tamara is a career Federal Government employee and author. In her debut book, "I Love Hate My Hair" (My Journey with Alopecia), she shares what it has been like to lose her hair as a young woman and how she has managed to pay for and cover it over the past two decades. She followed up with another non-fiction book, "I'll Have a Martini Please!" wherein she describes a day-in-the-life of a busy wife and mom, using hashtags and daily accounts with her family and friends.


I'm so excited to have Tamara join me on this journey as a fellow author and friend. We met on government stomping grounds close to 30 years or so ago, and it's been a blessing to always see her smiling face and to know that we share a passion for writing to empower and inspire, something you too will capture in her submission.


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Treesa is a Caribbean-American creative writer who resides in Baltimore County, Maryland. Her hobbies include spending time with family, doing arts and crafts, watching action/suspense/sci-fi movies, reading a variety of books ranging from comic books, self-help, and science-fiction to biographies. Treesa was a contributing writer in the popular, “One Sister Away: Encouraging Words from One Sister to Another” book compilation project.


Treesa has a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and enjoys writing poetry but has aspirations of becoming a Science Fiction novelist. Treesa is married with three kids.

Crown Marketing 052721 Beamona.jpg
Crown Marketing 052721 Oconea.jpg

Terry is a wife and mother and is blessed to have this assignment in her life. She has always had a passion for journaling and writing and she also hopes that her writings will bless and encourage others.

When you check out her submission, you will see that she accomplished that goal. Terry has accepted this call to be a blessing before and I welcome her with gratitude to this new project.

Jill is a senior writer for Jersey Shore Magazine and content editor for several Jersey Shore Publications annual guidebooks. Her work has been published in Harness Magazine, Exeter Publishing’s From the Soil hometown anthology, Red Penguin Books’ ‘Tis the Season: Poems for Your Holiday Spirit, American Writers Review-A Literary Journal (2020 and 2019 volumes), Art in the Time of Covid-19, Everywhere magazine, School Leader, American Cheerleader,, and The Sun, among others. In addition to a writer, she is also a high school journalism educator.


When Jill isn’t writing or teaching, you might find her searching for sea glass along the beach, fishing with her husband, making memories with her nieces and nephews, or laughing with her family and friends.

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JoAnn was born and raised in Baltimore, receiving her education in the Baltimore City public school system. She started and ended her career with the Federal Government. After 37 years of service, she retired in 2009, joining the community of retirees. Writing has always given her a sense of peace and balance. Two of her crowning achievements were publishing two books, "Pondering" and "Still Pondering." She has also been a contributing writer in several other anthologies. Contact JoAnn directly for your own copy of her published works.

JoAnn and I have collaborated before and she is a published author under my publishing company, Cheryl Barton Publishing, LLC. I'm happy anytime we get to work together as two writing enthusiasts. Get inspired by checking out her submission in the book.

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