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Book Submission Guidelines

You’re thinking about writing a book! You’ve typed a few words on the page! You’ve decided to write a book! You’ve written a book! We’re extremely happy for you. Those are amazing accomplishments, no matter where you are in the process. What’s next? You want to now get your book from paper to publishing and we’re here to help!


On behalf of our CEO, Cheryl Barton, thank you for your interest in the book publishing services offered at Cheryl Barton Publishing, a small independent book publishing company. We offer subsidy publishing packages where the writer (you) pays up-front costs for cover design, editing, and formatting. We take care of the publishing tasks that you have no interest in handling or are not in a position to handle. We also allow you to have input throughout the entire book publishing process, though the final decisions on the look, format and content are that of the publishing company. We do offer hybrid editing which is providing editing services for both paperback and digital versions of your book. Editing is the most expensive part of the publishing process, depending on the level of editing that your book will require before publishing. All publishing costs, including editing, are determined after your full manuscript is reviewed. We recommend having initial editing done before you submit your book for consideration to cut down on the cost of editing which could rise into the hundreds of dollars for books that need a lot of editing due to poor grammar, punctuation and flow of the book content. Having family, friends or an editor review your book prior to submission to us will also increase your chances that we will select your book to publish. We want to make sure we’re doing you and your book justice in putting out a quality product.


We handle the work of getting your book out in both paperback and digital. What we are not is a public relations company. We do a small level of marketing and promotion on our social media platforms, but we are not a full-fledged public relations or marketing company. We can recommend a public relations specialist to you to help with the widespread marketing and publicity of your book. We focus on the publishing of your book and making sure the final product matches your vision.


If you would like for us to consider your manuscript for publishing, our first word of advice is to write the book. You will need to submit a synopsis along with the entire manuscript (book) for our review for consideration. Please review the submission guidelines below.


A literary agent is not required for submission to Cheryl Barton Publishing.  We do require that interested parties submit the following information for initial review before the signing of any agreement to publish your work.


For consideration, please send via email to

·         Cover page which includes:

o   Book Title

o   Your Name

o   Mailing Address

o   Email Address

o   Phone Number

o   Your Active Social Media Accounts - Please list all social media links

** Your social media presence is key to our interest in your project. You should be active on social media to show you have platforms to promote your project. They are key to your success (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, personal website, LinkedIn, etc)

o   Your Genre (We are currently considering the following)

§  Romance

§  Crime/Mystery

§  Science fiction

§  Drama

§  Action and Adventure

§  Self-help

§  Health

§  Religion, Spirituality & New Age

§  Inspirational

§  Poetry

§  Prayer books/Devotionals

§  Full Color Cookbooks

§  Autobiographies

·         Book/manuscript synopsis - What is your book about? (No more than two pages)

·         The full manuscript (book) following these guidelines:

o   Use Microsoft Word

o   Single spaced

o   Page size - 8 ½ X 11

o   Font type – Times New Roman

o   Page numbers at the bottom, center of each page


**Paper submissions are not accepted. All submissions must be sent via email to:


To: prez@crbarton

Subject Line: Book Submission for Consideration – (Your Name and Title of Your Book Here)


You will be notified in 6-8 weeks if we are interested in assisting you with publishing your book. Please note that the publishing process could take up to a year from the beginning to the end of the process. The publishing process could take longer depending on the editing needed. Getting a book from paper to publishing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. There is no rush to good quality.


If we can answer any additional questions for you at this time, please feel free to email us at and a member of our team will reach out to you.


Thank you for your interest.


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